The crucial reasons why you need to use revolutionary Absent if you want to be savvy

Ok straight to it. I want to give you the crucial reasons why you should download Absent if there is anyone you want to reunite with that is absent from your life. Now if you have someone who is not in your life that you desperately want, then I really don’t have to explain the importance of having a new genius platform to use.

Why is Absent different ?

If you think of situations of absence on a scale going from people drifting apart through the normal course of life, right through up to high risk missing persons, then Absent will help. Hell if you’ve lost your pet, Absent can help.

If you are someone who wants to reach out to find someone important, then by using the amazing interactive map platform you can post the date and exact position you last saw them. Then add any relevant information you think necessary to show the importance.

People are naturally curious and will take a look … I bet you will look too

Yes, you could try and find them on social media sites, but do they want to know? If they find you on Absent, you can pretty much guarantee they do want to know

If however you are involved in the heartbreak of forced absence then that might not be enough. What makes Absent different to anything else available is the revolutionary private journal feature. If there is someone missing from your life from forced absence, and some examples of this are set out here, then the ability to have an outlet to divulge your thoughts and story ready for someone to find is vital.

The reason I say this is because the devastating feelings of guilt, anger, frustration, sadness and emptiness from being absent from a loved one can lead to depression and anxiety causing all manner of life changing issues. The effects for those forcibly removed from your life are very similar. In the case of children, experts have well documented the problems that arise. With no other avenue to share the pivotal information to each other in private, the chances of a successful reconciliation are limited. Especially if you have been portrayed as an asshole.

Unleash your thoughts in your very own private journal and it will let you live in the present. That is such a triumph. People spend so much of their time living in the past, torturing themselves with past memories often refusing to believe there is a future.

This is a perfect solution You can sit and talk directly to the person concerned, spill your heart, tell them you love them and how much you miss them. Then store the video directly to your Absent journal, safe and secure only for them when they are ready to look at it. Do the same with pictures, songs, letters or whatever you think is relevant. But don’t use it to badmouth anyone else, that won’t do you any good in the long term, no matter how tempting it might be.

Like I have mentioned in a previous blog, the journal feature will need to be based on a subscription basis. However if you’ve managed to reach this far and are still reading, and you wish to have a chance of a totally 100% free account for as long as is needed, then simply download the app on iTunes now, sign up and promote and share to get as many others into the new trend. The more users, the greater the chance of reuniting. People need to know about us. Spaces are limited so don’t delay. Don’t worry if you are on Andriod. Absent is due to be launched very soon on Google Play and spaces have been reserved for you guys too.

So I think that’s it for now. Hopefully, my passion has come across and you will have faith in what I am going to achieve. I want to create a brand that you will trust. I’m not after your data, I just want us all to go on a magnificent journey to reunite with our loved ones, and have the life together we deserve. Help me develop this please. I’m an approachable guy honestly. Get in touch and voice your opinion.

I have grown very fond of writing this blog. Before I started, I Googled ‘How to write a successful blog’ which I’m sure is normal. The main point I took from the research was to use your own voice and speak as you. That is exactly what I do, and it’s very comforting.  A great outlet which I would really encourage people to have a go at. I’d like to thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment. If you do enjoy my ramblings then why not subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any further posts. Thanks guys.

Absent app now on iTunes

There are certain moments in your life that will have major significance. Life has a way of making you wonder if it’s worth it at times, but then there are these good ones, these moments that make you sit up and say ‘maybe this is what I was sent to do’.

I had the idea for Absent on the 5th November 2016. A moment I will never forget. As you’ll know, 5th November in the U.K. is Bonfire Night. A night that I would have been taking my children out to see the fireworks.  I was struggling. I was having images in my head of my children, out with their mother, laughing and enjoying themselves, and I was jealous. It wasn’t fair. None of this shit is fair.  But as we all know, life isn’t fair. Do nice guys finish last?  Up until now, I probably would have agreed 9.9 times out of 10.

Fast forward 16 months, and I truly believe we are on the verge of something special here. It’s true that Absent was created solely based on parental alienation, but it can be for so much more.

The first version of the Absent app will focus on missing people. A global issue that arises from many different situations. We decided to focus on the missing as this first version does not include the journal function. Parental alienation cases rely heavily on the journal feature which is in development. Development requires funding, funding requires users. The business world has dictated this. Also missing covers a lot more situations that the app will be able to help. But don’t fret, parental alienation will be covered. But first we will create a ‘map of the missing’. For the first time, the true scale of the problem will be available on a fully interactive global map with features such as share, comment, and report a sighting all in real time. A fantastic tool for those dealing with the ambiguous loss of someone missing.

Absence has traditionally been used as a negative.

Absent father meaning a dad who didn’t want to know.The guy who when out for a pack of cigarettes…..        5 years ago.  It is so different these days, as the number of both mothers and fathers who are absent from their children’s lives, not by choice, but by the actions of others is so difficult to establish.

Best estimate … it’s millions.

It’s now a culture, some believe they have a God-given right to do what they want, when they want and have no regard for the consequences. Increasingly we are living in a world full of self-centred, egotistical assholes who have no morals. The constant attention seeking narcissism which is creating a generation which will have issues with relationships that last a lifetime.

Absent aims to stop this. Absent will provide a lifeline. A chance to turn this tide.

I have been asked how am I going to market Absent successfully.  It’s true I am looking for investment. I have contacted various companies which all say the same thing. Come back when you have some traction and users.  I can see why, it is very risky to invest in a company that just has an idea, an awesome idea, but still just an idea. So what do you do when you have no money, and no users?  Well I’m going to ask for help. I am going to ask every single one of you to help me.

Share, share and share again. 

If you are reading this then it’s very likely that you yourself are absent from a loved one, or you know someone who is.

In order for Absent to make a difference, it needs users. A lot of users.

I figure the best way to do that, is to get people talking about it. I’ll be totally honest with you. in order for me to get my story to my children, I need you to either use Absent or tell as many people as you can about it. But that is true for you also.  If you want to share your story or find that missing someone, you need me as much as I need you. Together we can help each other, and help whoever it is we are missing or absent from. If we pull together, it will work. We can reunite families and change peoples lives forever. We can play our part in helping people all over the world just by raising the profile of Absent and what it can achieve.

This version of the app does not include the journaling function. So the more users we get, the quicker the function will be available. To cover the costs of creating this function, and the server costs etc that go with it, there will be a subscription cost to it. Something small, less than 5 dollars or pounds a month. This also separates those of us who genuinely want to use it,  from those who think that they should use it, or want to maybe cause trouble.

I asked the question, how can I stop people from faking an interest. the answer was pretty simple. ‘You can’t really stop people from being assholes’.

So here it is ladies and gents. This has consumed me for the last 16 months.

I can’t thank those who have helped get this off the ground enough. To the tech and design team that are clearly superb. All the advice I have been given, and all the favours I have called in.

And finally to my children, this is for you dudes xx





Are you dealing with a hostile ex partner ?

This post is specifically aimed at those of you who are dealing with a hostile or unreasonable ex partner.

You’ve probably already encountered behaviour from them that makes you question what you were thinking by getting involved with them in the first place. Indeed many people refer to them as their Y’s not X’s.

In creating the Absent platform, I am self educating in basic psychology, I find it helps my own personal situation. So I thought I’d share some of my findings so you guys can do your own research, and apply it to your own situations.

So, the next time things erupt with the ex over the kids, or divorce, try and apply this model so you can hopefully get something achieved.

It’s called the Parent-Adult-Child model.

Click on the link for the in-depth explanation, but put simply it defines the 3 states of mind people are generally in.  Depending on what state each individual is in at the time, that will determine the outcome of the situation.  Gaining knowledge of these states will also help how you react in these situations.


Another way to approach these situations is to think of the issue as a circle, but you can only influence your half of the circle.  Now depending on the other person’s state of mind, you have absolutely no say on how they handle their half of the circle. You could be putting forward such a good argument, in a calm manner which is clearly 100% the correct thing to do, but if they aren’t having it, losing your patience and temper will also not have any impact.

Unfortunately, none of this will help with the issue at hand, but I believe having the tools to help your own mind get to grips with the situation can only be positive.

We have all seen instances where people have been unable to cope with it, and take their own lives. By arming ourselves with knowledge about the human brain and how it all works, it will ultimately give us the strength to cope with pretty much anything.

Knowledge is power don’t forget