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Hello again,

Today marks the first day of a brand new chapter ladies and gents. I have officially quit my usual full time job to concentrate on Absent full time.  It’s a little scary as there’s no money coming in obviously, but if you don’t take risks I guess you’ll never know. What I do know is that I would regret not doing it in years to come.

It’s a coincidence that today is also the 1st of Movember, Movember as I’m sure you’ve heard promotes mens health issues, and seeing as one of the main reasons I started Absent was to focus on mental health issues, pretty fitting I think

By the way,  Movember Worldwide  is the place to go to get lots of great information and donate a few pounds, dollars or euros.

So picking up from last time, the intensity of emotions now started to hit after not seeing the kids for some time. Whilst going through the drama leading up to the separation from the kids, the main emotions for me were frustration and sadness, but now, this overwhelming darkness enveloped me down to the very core of my soul.

This is where I think my passion for Absent comes from. That feeling will never leave me, I can now control it, which is the best I’ll ever do. Even when , not if, but when, I’m back with my kids and we have our relationship back, that feeling will always be with me.

I’m no therapist, so I would not dream of trying to explain the process of the mind, and I’m guessing we are all unique, but I will say that without help and support, that feeling could kill you.  Indeed there have been a few circumstances where people have taken their own lives after experiencing parental alienation, and may they now rest in peace. This is no joke people, this is not a game, and this needs so much more attention from courts and governments around the world.

It’s a chemical thing

My first piece of advice, get some help. I actually went to see my doctor due to stomach pains, and I came away 2 visits later with antidepressants. I didn’t want to admit I couldn’t cope. I am a big man, I can sort myself out. What the doc told me was it didn’t matter how much I could benchpress, your brain and your body can only take so much. And it takes you over ….


Take a look at mind, what’s the saying, sick not weak. It’s caught on for a reason.

I hope you find this small piece of advice helpful, I wish I had listened to it a couple of years ago.

Please comment if you’d like.  Thanks to the 1 fella last time, you made my day my friend ….








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