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There are many sites out there promoting the link between exercise and mental health and all the benefits that go with it. It all makes sense to us, but if the last time you did any you were 15 years younger, and 3 stone lighter.It might seem like too much effort.


Oh really ??   I ain’t going to no gym …


My thinking was always that how could sweating and straining be good for me ? What makes me feel better is a few cans of beer, or a nice bottle of wine. Forget my problems for a couple of hours.


The trouble with that, is the more dependant you get on alcohol, the worse you actually feel without it. So what do you do … drink more.  Makes sense really.

                                                       Now I thought my life was this


           Actually my life was this            


Do you drink too much ??  Take the test and find out. Nobody is judging you, hell I’m not. I’ve done my drinking. All this advice is coming from experience, I’ve staggered down this road and think it would be selfish of me if I didn’t at least point these alternatives out.

Take the test


I was lucky, a very good friend of mine was already training at a local gym. However, the crazy bastard started at 6.00am 4 times a week. We were good mates, close enough for him to basically tell me that I was on a bad path. I was gaining weight, and becoming more introverted.

Long story short, I gave it a shot. I joined, extremely self consious, and extremely unfit.

The first 3 weeks were horendous.  Alarm set for 4.56am, I can’t do 4.55am or 5.00am, it’s always an odd number.

What on earth was I doing ? or words to that effect.

However, during week 4 I noticed a change. I had knocked the weekday drinking on the head about a fortnight before, so that made me feel me energised. Then these magical endorphins I’d heard about started kicking in.

I little glance in the mirror and you could see a difference. That was it – I was hooked.  That was just over 4 years ago, and me and buddy still have our same routine.

You have a 95% chance of achieving your goal if you train with a friend

I jumped straight in with both feet, a huge overnight change. But it really doesn’t have to be that way.

Llew Gibson of llewgibsonfitness.com explained to us

‘It doesn’t have to take up an hour in the gym’ said Llew.  ‘You can do short high intensity HIIT circuits at home whenever you have a spare 20 minutes. It doesn’t matter if you’re self conscious then as you can do it in the comfort of your own home. Also you don’t need to jump onto a strict diet to see changes or results. Learn about flexible dieting so that you can make it a lifestyle rather than a short term fix, as opposed to dropping some weight only to feel better for a while and then fall back into bad habits. You can find a solution that suits you, not everyone is dull enough to get up at 5 am’

Little of what they call ‘banter’ I believe from Llew there, but he’s spot on

Now I’m no expert, I just listen to advice from someone who knows more than me.

Why not take a look for yourself if you fancy getting down the gym. Have a click on these :-




If reliving stress is your thing, take a look at these :-




You get the idea I’m sure.  Yes drinking alcohol and eating fast food seem like the way to go when you’re feeling down.  Looking after yourself with exercise and healthly eating seems like a ridiculous alternative  – I know I ceratinly thought so.  But not for the first time in my life, I was wrong.


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