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Is there someone missing from your life? If yes, please take the survey

What’s that old saying … ‘knowledge is power’


Trying to bring something new to people, be it a product or service isn’t easy.  Changing the way people live their lives for a nice cause is one thing, but when you are asking people to really think about the most hurtful and negative aspect of their life, and then take a survey about it, I can understand if there isn’t much of a response.

But what I will say, is that without people really thinking about what they can do about the situation,then how can it get any better.  You might want to go down the court route, which is totally fine, but at the moment has it’s limitations.

Absent is a positive move based on a simple strategy.

  • PRIVACY PRIVACY PRIVACY – Cannot emphasize enough the importance of keeping things private
  • HAVE HOPE – Anyone can find someone these days, but your story, your timeline will be vital to reconnect. If they think you don’t care, would they find you?

Think of it like fishing.  Specifically either with a net or a rod.


On social media you are using a net, dragging your thoughts and emotions across the internet. But you are only after one particular fish.



On Absent you are using a rod. You have the right bait, and you are in the right water. Your chances of catching your specific fish, and only your specific fish is so much greater.

Please excuse the way my brain works, but that is how I see it.  I don’t want the entire world knowing what I am saying and thinking.  That’s just for my children, therefore I need a rod – not a net

If we can build a platform so whenever someone is ready to learn the truth, or to reconnect, they go straight to Absent to search, and there is absolutely no reason why that cannot happen, would you want to be there, waiting?  I know I am going to be there.

Now there will need to be patience, but certain things cannot be rushed.

So if you know anyone who is absent from someone they love, please tell them about this and ask them to take the survey.

It could be a mate who doesn’t see their kids, or someone who has a missing person in their family.

It could be a grandparent or aunt or uncle.  It could be brother, sisters, your buddy from the Army.  Absence does not discriminate between social class, race or religion.

Please help – take the survey.


Early entries will be entered into a draw to become one of the first account holders.

Show them how much you really do care




Apologies for the inactivity

                      Firstly, a belated Happy New Year to you all.

I apologise for not posting for a while, but after the mosaic, I have found things a little tough as I’m sure many of you have. However, with the holiday season now truly over, I feel refreshed and ready to make 2018 the year of change for many of us, and the year Absent sweeps the world.


Let me update you all on where we are with Absent.

The design team are busy creating the visuals for the app and website, and we are working on adding the features necessary to ensure this is nailed down before we launch.

If you have any suggestions or opinions on any features you would like to see, then please feel free to contact us to discuss.

This is not just a product based on my own situation, it is for all of us absent from loved ones.

We are focusing on certain situations to launch. We would love to focus on all situations, but as with any new business startups, it’s better to concentrate your energy.

Our main focus is on 3 specific situations of absence.

Missing persons

Parental Alienation

Members of the Armed Forces

The main features will be there. Digital stuff being a photo, video, letters which will provide a sizeable chunk of the information needed to be therapeutic for us and to leave an informed ‘time capsule’ ready for whoever is missing from your life.

I am busy trying to gain as much exposure as I can for Absent. I am networking my behind off trying to get meetings with anyone and everyone who will listen.

If there is anyone willing to ‘go on the record’ and give us a quote or a testimonial on how important the concept we are developing is on short term therapy for the user, and the benefits that the story left will have for those finding it, then we would be eternally grateful.

We have also decided to create a Crowdfunding campaign to get things really moving.

We are working with an extremely talented guy who is in the process of coming up with something that will engage a lot of people.  However, it does seem at this point that my ugly mug will be present, so he has his work cut out for him :).  Please keep a look out for further developments on that.

As today is ‘Blue Monday’ – the most miserable day of the year, then I thought I would give you all who are without your loved ones a little insight into how close we are getting to delivering the platform that will give you a very real chance of reuniting.


So that is pretty much where we are right now.

If you happen to stumble upon this and know someone who will benefit massively from what we are doing, then please bring it up next time you talk, or even send them a link.

Take care everyone


Get involved


Let’s do a photo mosiac


Cool idea folks. You heard of photo mosaic?  It’s where a large picture is made up of lots of smaller ones. Why not send in your photo that you’d like to use as a symbol to the one you’re absent from. It will remain anonymous. Maybe someone important will see it when it is published and start to realise what is happening in their lives.

Email them to info@absentforyou.com and we’ll create this beautiful picture with the individual pictures of our children, parents, brothers, sisters, pets literally anyone you are absent from this Christmas. Let’s try and fill the image by the 25th so please share far and wide.

Many thanks and have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year