What is this `Absent` all about then ??

Here we go

This is a first … my first ever blog.  Just turned 40 years old and up until now, ‘cut and paste’ was my limit, and in my book, pretty much computer programming.

So what is blogging all about then ? Honestly, I dont really know, but what I do know is that I wont be following any set format or have any fancy ways of getting people involved.

I thought Id try just chatting to you as if we were chatting face to face.  Now Ive had enough people make their excuses to leave in that situation, but I guess here, you can just click off.  Much better for my self-esteem I guess.

So, Absent …. what is it all about then I hear you ask.

Well basically I have been caught up in this new global sensation sweeping from nation to nation known as parental alienation. I wont bore you all with the details, but if you are going through it also, it is pretty much up there with the most painful experiences you can get.

As a bloke, Im not sure about childbirth, I hear that stings a bit, but I have had a kick in the nuts and Id take 100 in a row and it wouldnt come close to this. Ive done the court thing, it didnt work out well, and even had a court order for contact, but when the relationship with your kids gets poisioned, and you can see the confusion in their eyes of how to act and what to say when they are with you, I asked myself what good is contact if it puts so much pressure on them that they don`t even act like themselves anymore.

I think that childhood is short, and precious, and I could no longer see them basically suffering. So the final time I was told they didnt want to come I didnt push it. I thought everyone needed to chill a bit. Lets give it a week or two and start again. But the weeks turned to months, then years. Lots went on in the meantime, but as long as I thought they were out of this toxic situation that they didnt ask to be put into, then that was ok.

But could they be happy without me ? What were they being told ? How would that affect them ?

What is didn’t give much consideration to, was how was it going to affect me.

That’ll do me for my first blog.  I hope not everyone clicked off and there is a few of you left. I’ll practise a little more and continue soon.

Please leave any comments, any feedback would be great.

Thank you


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